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Smart Enquiries


"Conveyancing has to be more efficient and we believe that Legalito offers the answer to what we’ve been waiting decades for. Finally, lawyers can communicate directly with one another - the efficiency and time savings that Smart Enquiries bring is truly phenomenal."

Wayne Pollock, Hedges Law Ltd

"Having been involved in conveyancing for many years, I have personal experience of the amount of time wasted on managing enquiries. Legalito offers a brilliant solution to this problem that every lawyer struggles with - the benefits of efficiency and time-savings are crystal clear to us."

Andy Roscoe, Meaby & Co

"We were sceptical at first, but within minutes of using Legalito we saw the huge time savings and efficiencies it brings us - we now use it on all our cases and it’s brilliant."

Marc Lansdell, Evolve Law

"The integration with LEAP and Legalito is a complete game-changer. I am completely sold on what is a fantastic innovation for lawyers to help manage the painful process of pre-contract enquiries. The last time I was excited about anything in conveyancing was when the SDLT holiday ended."

Preeti Lekhi, Seymours Solicitors

"Managing enquiries was always a really painful manual process for us. We knew there had to be a better way, and Legalito really is the answer the profession has been waiting for. It’s clearly designed by lawyers for lawyers - it just makes complete sense."

Ryan Letts, The Priory Law Group

"Although we were paperless in out office, managing enquiries was always very manual and ver time-consuming. Legalito has been an absolute game-changer. We are now completely electronic, which saves us time and reduces the changes for mistakes."

Jamie Connolly, Thomas Flavell & Sons

"I used to use the Word highlighter for "satisfactory" replies green, "pending" yellow or "issue" red. With leaseholds, I was constantly opening documents, cross-referencing and marking them up - horrendous. Now, Legalito notification comes in and I press "Complete" if the reply is applicable or add my comments and hit "Send" so it goes to the other conveyancer - no more highlighting or opening copious documents."

Pardeep Kandola, Thomas Flavell & Sons

"We recognised years ago that managing enquiries efficiently was one of the biggest hurdles we needed to overcome . That’s why we were delighted to see that Legalito has grabbed the bull by the horns and produced a beautifully sophisticated solution that eliminates much of the frustrating to and fro of the enquiry process."

Neil Hayes, Taylor Rose MW